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Whitening in Manteca CA
Your smile may not look as white as you would like. Discoloration occurs for a variety of reasons. Teeth tend to darken as you age,
so noticing your teeth darkening over time eventhough you brush and floss regularly does not mean you’ve done something wrong.
However, tobacco use, consuming staining foods like coffee, tea, and red wine, and side effects of certain medications can resu
lt in yellowing, darkening, or spots.

What Is Whitening?
Whitening is a cosmetic treatment that lightens the color of your teeth by removing
discoloration. You may wonder why you can’t just use whitening toothpaste or whitening
strips from the drugstore. The products you have access to are not quite as strong as over-the-counter options. They may remove some surface stains but cannot reach deeper intothe tooth. Schedule an appointment with us at Aura Family Dentistry so we can explain the benefits of professional whitening and choose a treatment that will brighten your smile.

What Types of Whitening Do You Offer?
At Aura Family Dentistry, we offer two bleaching systems, including the following:

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

 You may not realize the ways in which your discolored teeth impact your daily life. If you are considering teeth whitening but you’re not quite convinced, consider the potential benefits:

  • Whiter teeth instantly give you a younger appearance
  • Teeth whitening offers an affordable, instant way to enhance your smile
  • Improved confidence for greater comfort in one-on-one exchanges with strangers,
  • friends, colleagues, or loved ones
  • Onlookers will not question your oral hygiene–even if you have excellent oral hygiene, stained teeth may cause your smile to appear dirty

Am I a Good Candidate?
Our teeth whitening services work on natural teeth. If you have a substantial amount of prosthetics, including crowns, bridgework, dentures, or dental implants, teeth whitening is not for you. If you have teeth that have proven too sensitive or resistant to bleach in the past, you may consider porcelain Veneers or Lumineers. However, if you have natural teeth that you wish were shades whiter and brighter, you are a good candidate for this treatment. Schedule an appointment to discuss the treatment that’s the best fit for you and unique needs.


Schedule an Appointment!
At Aura Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive dental services alongside compassionate care. Whether you need general care, restorative services, or cosmetic improvements, we look forward to assisting you in reaching your smile goals. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Damle. Call or email our office located in Manteca, California. We are accepting new patients of all ages, including children, and proudly serve members of Manteca and surrounding communities.

Summary: Come in for a consultation with Dr. Damle to discuss your in-office whitening options. Within an hour or less, our friendly team can help you achieve a smile that is eight shades whiter for a brighter, more impressive appearance.