Bonding in Manteca CA

Bonding offers a variety of cosmetic fixes, rather than just one. If you want to correct one or several teeth, this additive technique provides a variety of benefits that you can’t quite achieve with any other process. Bonding can accomplish substantial coverage of imperfections that you may not be able to achieve with veneers. In addition, bonding may offer you the camouflaging you desire when resorting to crowns is not yet necessary.

What Is Bonding?

Bonding is an additive process in which Dr. Damle gently covers or fills in imperfections with composite. The same material used for tooth-colored fillings, composite is composed of synthetic resin and is considered safe for most patients, including pregnant women.

How Does Bonding Work?

Bonding works by adding material to one or more teeth. Dr. Damle will thoroughly examine your teeth and take digital X-rays for a thorough understanding of your oral structure. She will discuss your personal goals and preferences, so you work together to achieve a more beautiful, functional smile.

If you are unsure whether bonding is right for you, consider its benefits. Bonding can help address the following imperfections:

  • Closes small gaps between teeth with a natural finish

  • Covers stains and discoloration, which is particularly helpful if your teeth are sensitive or resistant to bleach

  • Adds coverage to exposed tooth surfaces, which may occur as a result of teeth grinding or a receding gumline

  • Extends teeth that appear too short

  • Reshapes teeth that appear jagged or awkward

  • Corrects chips and small cracks

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you are looking for a way to quickly improve your natural teeth by camouflaging cosmetic or functional problems, bonding may be your answer. However, if you need to treat a prosthetic tooth or if your natural teeth are already in need of restorative treatment as a result of weakness or decay, you may not be ready for bonding at the moment.

Bonding is considered a more cost-effective alternative to veneers, and is well-suited to minor issues that do not require major restorative or cosmetic treatment. Speak with Dr. Damle about treating one or several teeth with bonding. Or, if a smile makeover is what you had in mind, ask about veneers for a more dramatic transformation.

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Summary: Dr. Damle offers cosmetic bonding services if you need to fix chipped, gently cracked, or discolored teeth, or if you wish to fill in small spaces between your teeth.

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