Digital X- Ray

Digital X-Ray in Manteca CA

In their less modern form, X-rays offer a flat, 2D image of your oral cavity. This means that when your dentist holds an X-ray in front of her, she sees one view of your teeth. With digital X-rays, Dr. Damle can quickly capture a visual of your tooth and get a close-up view on any portion of the image.

What Is a Digital X-Ray?

A digital X-ray includes a device that captures an image of your mouth and then sends it to a computer. It delivers clear images that we can colorize, magnify, and manipulate visually with computer software for detail enhancement. Digital technology also offers greater resolution without the problem of over-or under-exposed film issues associated with conventional X-rays.

What Can I Expect?

Dr. Damle and or a member of our team will gently drape a radiation apron over your torso to protect you from radiation. We will then place a small sensor in your mouth. The sensor is small and comfortable. An X-ray beam will pass through your mouth. We will move the sensor to different parts of your mouth until we have gathered our images. The images show up on our computer screen within seconds. It will take us only a few minutes to finish taking your digital X-rays.

How Can Digital X-Rays Benefit Me?

Making the move from conventional to digital X-rays in dentistry is a huge technology leap. You may not realize the great effect going digital has on you as a patient and the world around us. Look over some of the benefits for a better grasp on why digital X-rays make for an improved dental visit:

  • Digital X-rays are included in your dental records, for easy monitoring of progress and changes
  • The lack of chemical use for film development makes digital X-rays safe for the environment
  • We can electronically store and send your images – if you need to see a specialist, or move out of the area, we can send your X-rays with the click of a button
  • Digital X-rays take seconds
  • We use a comfortable sensor that we move quickly from one part of your mouth to the next, unlike uncomfortable bitewings needed for conventional X-rays
  • Because digital X-rays are quite sensitive, radiation exposure drops by approximately 80%, when compared to conventional X-rays

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Summary: At Aura Family Dentistry, we use digital X-rays for greater patient comfort and images that are clearer, easy to view, and that produce less waste for a more environmentally-friendly approach to dental imaging

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