Frenectomy in Manteca CA
In your mouth, a frenulum is a piece of tissue that prevents the excessive movement of either of your lips, or your tongue. You have a frenulum that stretches between your upper lip and your gums, between your lower lip and your gum, and on the underside of your tongue. You can feel and see this slim piece of tissue. While your frenulums provide important support, they can also result in too much control. When this occurs, you may require a frenectomy for freer movement.

What Is a Frenectomy?
A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure that removes a frenulum. At Aura Family Dentistry, we perform the following frenectomy procedures:

  • Lingual Frenectomy: A lingual frenectomy removes the frenulum beneath your tongue. When the tissue is too thick or tight, it may result in movement problems for you or your child. The lack of motion can cause problems with chewing or speaking. This problem often occurs in infants, which inhibits the ability to breastfeed. In addition, your may have a long frenulum that becomes stuck between your lower teeth.
  • Labial Frenectomy: A labial frenectomy removes the frenulum that stretches between your gums and lip. A long or thick labial frenulum may pull on your gum tissue, resulting in a receding gumline. This issue may promote a gap between developing teeth.

What Are the Benefits?
A frenectomy may instantly resolve a problem or prevent the need for orthodontic treatment down the road. Look over the benefits of frenectomy surgery:

  • Increased ability to chew and speak clearly, particularly in children who are developing speech skills.
  • Improved eating and speaking for adults who experience discomfort when the tongue frenulum becomes caught between teeth and irritated
  • Prevention of costly braces or dental treatments to fix a gap between your front teeth or your child’s teeth.
  • Avoidance of receding gums, which can expose your teeth’s roots, causing sensitivity and elongated teeth.

What Can I Expect?
A frenectomy is quick and requires only local anesthetic for adults. However, if you feel you need extra calming for dental procedures, we offer sedation options. For children, we provide general anesthesia.

The minor surgical procedure takes only 15 minutes. Once the area is numb, Dr. Damle will use a laser or a scalpel. Dr. Damle prefers laser surgery, which requires no stitches and offers a short recovery period. Our team will answer your inquiries and provide you with aftercare information either for you or your little one.

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Summary: Dr. Damle performs frenectomy treatment for adults and children to remove the skin that stretches from your gum to your lip, or beneath your tongue, for improved comfort and clearer speaking.

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