Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera in Manteca CA

When our team takes a look in your mouth, we can count teeth, check manually for cavities, and reach an initial understanding of your mouth’s overall health. However, even magnification glasses don’t necessarily provide us with a clear visual of the tinier details. Intraoral cameras give Dr. Damle and our team the ability to take pictures of the inside of your mouth and zoom in on concentrated areas.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld device that looks similar to the shape of a toothbrush. Dr. Damle or a member of our team will place the camera in your mouth. You can expect a quick, comfortable experience. We will take digital pictures of your oral cavity, which are sent directly to a computer.

How Will Intraoral Cameras Benefit My Visit?

An intraoral camera provides a variety of benefits both to you and to our team. If you are uncertain how intraoral images make your dental visits better, consider the following benefits:

  • Dr. Damle can show you a detailed, color image of what she is seeing inside of your mouth for an improved understanding of treatment goals. You will be able to look at your mouth together for an immediate conversation rather than relying on a verbal explanation alone.
  • Our team can quickly zoom in on particular areas of your mouth for a detailed look. Dr. Damle will use this technology to create quick, accurate diagnoses and offer the best treatment options.
  • We can keep your images on file. This helps our team accurately monitor changes and track progress.
  • Dr. Damle can detect issues early that she may not be able to see with her eyes or simple magnification.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Technology?

All patients are good candidates for intraoral cameras. Even if you suffer from claustrophobia, intraoral cameras are sleek and efficient, so you can reap the benefits comfortably. Intraoral cameras assist with every step of dentistry, whether we are showing you what to improve upon to avoid cavities, displaying a tooth that needs a filling, or showing you before-and-after images of someone who has experienced improvement with a particular treatment.

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Summary: Dr. Damle utilizes intraoral cameras for a closer, greatly magnified, high-resolution look at your mouth so she can make more precise judgments, while more easily explaining to you the health of your mouth and existing conditions.

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