Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics in Manteca CA

Endodontics refers to the study and dental treatment of your tooth’s pulp, which resides in “canals.” When these canals become infected, our dentist, Dr. Damle, may suggest root canal therapy to clean out the infection. If you ignore the infection, it may abscess and spread to other parts of your mouth. Root canal therapy requires special technology to remove infection while maintaining the integrity and health of your tooth’s roots. At the office of Aura Family Dentistry, we use rotary endodontics.

What Are Rotary Endodontics?

Rotary endodontics is a method of using engine-powered, rotating tools composed of nickel-titanium to clean out your tooth’s roots during root canal therapy. When your roots become infected, you need a professional treatment because you cannot treat the infection within your tooth. Root canal therapy includes removing the tissue within your roots, or the canals that hold your tooth’s pulp and blood vessels. Dr. Damle chooses rotary endodontics, rather than conventional files, because they more efficiently remove the infected material and file the surrounding roots to prep them for filling.

What Are the Benefits of Rotary Endodontics?

Without rotary endodontics, dentists rely on manual cleaning files. Older approaches include the use of several file sizes and a labor-intensive hand-scraping process. Rotary endodontics, however, utilize an electric, handheld device, which offers the following benefits:

  • They offer a quiet experience, without a drilling or scraping sound
  • Electric filing is a faster process than manual filing
  • Removes more debris than a manual system
  • Results in a more efficient treatment
  • Rotary files provide extra flexibility for accurate cleaning

Am I a Good Candidate?

If Dr. Damle has informed you that your root canals are harboring an infection and you need root canal therapy, you are an excellent candidate for rotary endodontics. If anxiety is an issue for you, rest assure that Dr. Damle numbs the tooth and the surrounding areas. The quiet sound that accompanies rotary tools provides a more calming experience than conventional treatment. In addition, if you are still hesitant, our team offers a variety of sedation options, so we can help you reach a more relaxed state for a comfortable visit

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Summary: Come in for your root canal therapy with Dr. Damle, who uses rotary endodontics to perform a quiet, efficient procedure with reduced discomfort and a high success rate.

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