Veneers in Manteca CA

Do you have several cosmetic issues that you wish you could tackle with a single procedure? Whether it’s yellowing, minor chipping, spaces, or all of the above, porcelain veneers can give you the smile of your dreams.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that adhere to the visible portions of your tooth's surface. The thin, translucent ceramic is white with a color that your dentist can adjust to your preferred shade. You can opt for veneers to cover and correct one tooth or all of your teeth, depending on your needs. Veneers bond to your natural tooth for a long-lasting finish.

How Do You Place Them?

Dr. Damle may need to remove a small portion of your tooth, gently filing it down to a shape and size that supports the veneers you will wear. She will first numb the area with local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. The filing process is particularly significant for correcting issues, such as chips or overlapping teeth that need gentle reshaping. Once our team has prepared your teeth, we will take impressions of your teeth. Dr. Damle will create a mock-up, called a wax-up, of your future veneers based on your impressions. You will come back for follow-up visits to try on the wax-up so we can determine together whether the veneers meet your expectations and offer a comfortable bite. A master ceramicist will create your veneers at a lab. When they are ready, you will come in for a visit, so Dr. Damle can permanently bond them to your teeth.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Porcelain veneers take care of a variety of cosmetic problems, but not everyone can wear them. Dr. Damle will need to deem your natural teeth healthy enough for veneers, or you may need to consider other options, such as bonding or crowns.

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At Aura Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive dental services alongside compassionate care. Whether you need general care, restorative services, or cosmetic improvements, we look forward to assisting you in reaching your smile goals. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Damle. Call or email our office located in Manteca, California. We are accepting new patients of all ages, including children, and proudly serve members of Manteca and surrounding communities.

Summary: If you are looking for a way to address a variety of cosmetic issues with a single procedure, consider porcelain veneers. At Aura Family Dentistry, we can camouflage discoloration, chips, cracks, misalignment, and awkwardly shaped teeth with porcelain veneers.

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