Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth in Manteca CA
Whether your wisdom teeth never grew in, are in the process of growing in poorly, or have grown in fully and are now causing you problems, Dr. Damle will provide you with a thorough examination and will discuss whether wisdom teeth removal is essential to maintaining or achieving your best oral health.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?
Wisdom teeth are your last teeth to develop and erupt through your gums. You will most likely experience wisdom teeth growth during your teens or the first half of your twenties. Commonly called “third molars,” these teeth develop in the very back of your mouth behind your permanent teeth that grown in as a child and early teenager.

Your experience with wisdom teeth will not necessarily match that of your sibling, your parents, or your friends. Everyone is different. You do not need these teeth for good oral function or health. In fact, wisdom teeth are known for their tendency to cause problems. Some wisdom teeth fail to develop. Others, called “impacted” wisdom teeth, fail to erupt through your gums. You may find that your wisdom teeth are set to grow in toward your teeth, may lead to misalignment. If your mouth is already overcrowded, you simply may not have room for wisdom teeth. Or, your wisdom teeth may have grown in successfully, but they are simply too far back in your mouth for you to properly care for them.

Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Dr. Damle will use advanced technology to take digital X-rays of your teeth. If your wisdom teeth can grow in successfully, you may not require wisdom teeth removal. However, if your wisdom teeth are unhealthy or are threatening the health and alignment of surrounding teeth, Dr. Damle may recommend removal.

Am I a Good Candidate?
Wisdom teeth removal may seem like something that happens when you are in your late teens, but anyone dealing with wisdom teeth problems is a good candidate for removal. Surgery is easier when you are younger because your jawbone is dense and heals quickly. Unless you have suffered from bone deterioration, such as from periodontal disease, wisdom teeth removal is a good option for ending associated discomfort. Speak with our team regarding this oral surgery, so we can set up an appointment time and move you toward excellent oral health and daily comfort.

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Summary: Allow Dr. Damle and our team at Aura Family Dentistry to examine your mouth to determine whether your wisdom teeth are healthy, or if removal is essential in maintaining your oral health.

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